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BGISEQ-50 is powered by combinatorial Probe-Anchor Synthesis (cPAS) and improved DNA Nanoballs (DNB) technology, continued to reinforce your NGS (Next Generation Sequencing). The cPAS chemistry works by incorporating a fluorescent probe to a DNA anchor on the DNB, followed by high-resolution digital imaging.

BGISEQ-50 adopts high precision parts and has a built-in independent sample reagent loading reservoir and full-automatic reagent needle penetration system. The simplified structure can realize multiple automatic functions, including sample loading, sequencing and data analyzing. The compact size makes it easier to be placed. It has specific applicability for basic sequencing projects in clinical and scientific research. Besides, it can operate normally even under low pressure environment at high altitude.

BGISEQ-50 adopts intelligent, touch-sensitive interface, providing compatible function of full-automatic sample tracking management, and offers the optimal process guidance. The sequencing is simple to operate: respectively place the pre-built integrated sequencing reagent box and micromachined sequencing chip into the device and click "sequencing" button to start a 10-hour automatic sample loading and sequencing. Unattended mode is supported and data analysis is achieved in a single step. The whole process including sample preparation can be completed in 18 hours with the optional automatic sample preparation system.

*Clinical use is subject to regulatory approval.